Fountain to receive new water filters from Air Force this month

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Since October of 2015, Fountain residents have been told it’s unsafe to drink the ground water in their hometown.

The Director of Utilities in Fountain told FOX21 the city is still only using surface water.

The water contamination issue came about when military-grade firefighting foam got into the Widefield aquifer.

Then, the Environmental Protection Agency issued health advisories for two chemicals that were contaminating the water.

But there are two water filters that are being provided by the Air Force for a short term solution, just in the coming months.

It’s a kind of granular activated carbon filter that will filter out the toxic chemicals that are currently in Fountain’s water.

The filters will need to be maintained and replaced often to be sure they are ridding of the perfluorinated chemicals.

These filters will be delivered at the end of this month and at the end of July.

The utilities director said these filters are an interim fix to the water issue in Fountain, and he said he and his office are working on long-term designs to fix the issue for good.

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