Colorado Springs woman’s quick-thinking kids save her life when she has a stroke

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One Colorado Springs woman is alive and well today thanks to her quick-thinking kids who got help when she was having a stroke.

Mother of three, Kirsten Larson, is extremely healthy and active. One day a few weeks ago she had just wrapped up some training for a bicycling race and was making dinner for the kids when something felt wrong.

Larson said, “My left arm went numb. That’s when it happened, right about 5:00 or 5:15 in the evening and then I had a headache.”

She told the kids what was wrong and she was going to lie down. That’s when they started to get worried.

“The confusion I guess was the big thing, like she couldn’t really do anything properly and that was the biggest thing for me personally,” said Larson’s son, Lars Williams.

“I wasn’t that worried, I didn’t think it was that bad because she’s healthy, she exercises a lot. I was nowhere close to guessing it was going to be a stroke,” said Larson’s daughter, Erikka Williams.

Larson had an idea what was happening but when she tried to use her phone to look up the symptoms, she lost all cognitive ability.

Fifteen-year-old Lars says she garbled the words “look up” and “stroke” so he did. That’s when he knew he had to call 911.

“I have a clot in my carotid artery and so it had blocked off the blood flow and if it had dislodged it would’ve been a totally different story,” said Larson.

If it weren’t for her fast-acting kiddos, Larson perhaps wouldn’t be here today.

Leik Williams, Larson’s youngest son, said, “I think of the fact almost every day that I saved my mom’s life and how it would’ve been much different if we weren’t there.”

Four days after she got out of the hospital, Larson was back on the bike and training again.

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