Renovations begin at Sand Creek High School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It was an exciting day at Sand Creek High School as millions of dollars in renovations began Tuesday.

The renovations are being funded by the 3B ballot initiative, where voters approved a $83.5 million investment into District 49.

A total $7.5 million of that is being pumped into this facility at Sand Creek High School to renovate and update spaces for students.

The school also plans to build areas that are geared toward specific career paths so that kids enter the work force with more skills.

They also plan to update all of the school’s technology.

“Our children are accessing technology everywhere, and in the learning environment, technology has changed the way we teach students and the way students learn,” said Marie La Vere-Wright, president of D49 Board of Education. “And to really serve all of our students best, we have to give them access to that.”

A portion of 3B will go to refresh and renovate every school in the district, and the renovations will be based off what the school needs the most.

Decisions for that are being made at the school level.


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