Woman fined for using fake baby in carpool lane

Fake Baby
Although she got busted, the woman was willing to pose with the fake baby. / Minnesota State Patrol

Baby on board? Think again!

A Minnesota woman was hit with a $186 ticket after she was caught driving in the carpool lane with a fake baby.

According to KARE 11, a trooper pulled the woman over for possibly abusing the regulations for use of the interstate’s HOV lane.

The trooper got closer to the car and noticed a “BABY ON BOARD!” sign in the back windshield, in addition to a car seat, blankets and other baby-related items one would normally take on a car ride with precious cargo.

A spokesperson for Minnesota State Patrol says the woman told the trooper the car seat belonged to her two-year-old, who had wrapped up the doll and strapped her into the car seat.

Photo courtesy Minnesota State Patrol

According to the spokesperson, the seat was designed for an infant and a two-year-old would not be able to fit into the seat, which led the officer to conclude the woman was lying and trying to go around the carpool rules.

The woman was fined $186 for the MnPASS lane violation but was still willing to pose for a photo opportunity with the doll.

Minnesota troopers say they only find one or two people a year trying to pull of the “dummy passenger” trick.

Keep in mind, parents with (real) babies are allowed to use the carpool lane.



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