Air Academy Band set to perform on national stage at 129th Rose Parade

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for a local high school marching band.

In just a few months, they’ll be taking center stage in front of millions of people.

“We’re all learning how to march, we’re learning how to be drum majors,” said Paige Langum, a drum major for the band.

But all this practice is leading them to a worldwide audience.

“It’s a little terrifying, we’re marching in front of about a million people, but we’re excited and we’re going to rise to the challenge, said Langum.

The challenge is the Tournament of Roses Parade, which will be held January 1, 2018.

“I, myself have never march 7 miles at the same time as playing an instrument and that’s going to be a huge challenge,” said Rita Nelson, a drum major.

There are a total 200 members in the the Air Academy Kadet Marching Band, which is just one of 10 high schools to be showcased during the annual event.

“We’re ecstatic, we can’t wait,” said Langum.

The band learned back in September that they had been chosen after a lengthy application process.

“[We] Put together a video of the marching band of the last two to three years including all our performances in marching band, all our parade performances,” said band director Stoney Black.

But heading to California isn’t cheap.

Black expects the costs to be over $1.5 million.

“The cost on a trip like this is well over $2,000 per student and we have over 200 students so you can see it’s a huge amount of expenses for each individual student and family,” said Black.

While the band works to raise money for the trip, they’ll continue marching as they prepare for their shining moment.

“We’re going to need to build our endurance, we’re going to need to play longer and play as loud as we can for the whole parade and keep up that stamina,” said Langum.

If you’d like to help the band and make a donation, click here.

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