TSA testing new security procedures at Colorado Springs Airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As the summer travel season starts to heat up, there are some big changes at the Colorado Springs Airport.

It all has to do with your carry-on bag and what you must now take out.

Ashlyn Gaughan just got back from a 10-day trip to Orlando.

“It was kind of a zoo,” said Gaughan.

She’s only back in the Springs for a short time before she heads out again.

“I’m actually going to China in two and a half weeks as my graduation present,” said Gaughan.

If she flies out of the Colorado Springs Airport, she’ll see some changes at the TSA security checkpoint.

The Colorado Springs Airport is one of nearly a dozen testing a new TSA screening procedure.

Anything larger than a cellphone in your carry-on bag and the TSA will screen that separately from the rest of your carry-on items.

Those larger electronics, like laptops or iPads, will then go through the X-ray for screening.

In a statement to FOX 21, the TSA said:

“As part of our counterterrorism efforts, TSA continuously enhances and adjust security screening procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats.”

Passengers say they’re okay with the added security.

“I feel like if you’re going on business and have two different laptops, two different cell phones, I feel like that would be a little annoying, but with safety precautions, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Taylor Evenson.

But others feel it’s a bit excessive.

“It can be a little excessive sometimes, I travel a lot through Europe last year and it’s a lot easier to get through security there for some reason even though I feel they’re just as thorough they just do it a little differently,” said Gaughan.

The TSA says their “top priority is to protect the traveling public and every policy and security procedure in place is designed to mitigate threats to passengers and the aviation sector.”

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