More employees and families speak out about Citywide Ambulance’s closure

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — More employees and families who used patient transport from Citywide Ambulance spoke out this weekend about their experiences.

Again, they all asked to remain anonymous.

One lady’s mother was left stranded at her treatment on Friday, after Citywide Ambulance closed their doors in the middle of a business day, with no explanation.

Prior to Friday, she said she never had to worry about her mother when she was being transported by Citywide.

“[I feel] Very upset, and angry, but then when I found out a little bit more of what happened, I was just in shock,” the lady said.

”I never thought for a moment that they would purposely do that to my mom,” she said. “She felt that she lost friends, not only herself, but I did too.”

One former employee we spoke with claimed multiple Citywide procedures were illegal, including their ambulance inspection methods.

“The supposed inspection company didn’t exist, the name on it was one of his friends, and the address on it was actually his home address,” the man said.

He said that employees were told to write down specific words in their patient reports to get more money from the insurance companies, even if those words didn’t apply to the patient’s condition.

“Any employees who questioned about following those orders were threatened with termination,” he said.

Not to mention the illegal terms they were using to clock and pay employees for overtime.

“This was not an uncommon thing, but I questioned them about it on many occasions, and was basically just told ‘don’t worry about it, it’s okay,'” he said.

This employee hasn’t worked at Citywide in months, but says the company still owes him over $250.

If you used to work for Citywide Ambulance or used their services and want to share your experience, contact FOX21 via email at or message us on Twitter or Facebook.

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