Simple Therapeutics

According to an article in High Times by Chris Roberts, the sales of opiate-based pain pills have quadrupled since 1999 and today’s doctors are realizing that massage and acupuncture might have worked just as well as a pill. Here at Simple Therapeutics we believe in natural pain remedies.Whether you want to alleviate pain, increase your range of motion, or just relax and drop some stress, we are the place for you. Our therapists will come up with a plan to meet whatever your need is. We also offer a full line of all-natural bath and body products from Scarlet’s Corner. Each product is handmade right in Colorado Springs using completely natural oils and waxes. We have all kinds of products including bath salts, sugar scrubs, body butter, and much more. (Currently, products are available in-store only.) 


June 1st we will offer appointments on Monday to Military people only! We’re calling it, Military Mondays.

Our Staff



We offer a Wellness Plan to serve your long-term needs. For $40 a month you receive 1 service (Massage, Acupuncture, or a Chiropractic Adjustment*), 1 class** (Yoga, Pilates, or Zumba), and 10% off of all other purchases. No contract required! Just ask to sign up at your next appointment.
 *Please note that to receive the Chiropractic Adjustment you must have first had your initial evaluation which runs $70.
**The included class cannot be used for CPR or Martial Arts.


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