Meet the Koscove Kids: Special Kids Special Families receives puppets specially designed for disability awareness

Introducing the Koscove Kids: Gina is blind, Mitch has learning disabilities, Sally has Spina bifida, Corey has Down syndrome, Max has autism, Danny has muscular dystrophy, and Carmen has epilepsy. / Patricia Brookes -- SKSF

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Thanks to a generous donation by the owners of a local business, a Colorado Springs nonprofit has acquired puppets specially designed to help kids and adults learn about disabilities and chronic illnesses.

The donation by Joe and Suzie Koscove, owners of Koscove Metal, has made it possible for Special Kids Special Families (SKSF), a local nonprofit providing programs for kids and adults with disabilities, to purchase the COUNT ME IN puppets, which they’ve now renamed to the “Koscove Kids” in honor of the generous donors.

The child-size multicultural puppets each represent children with disabilities and have proven to be effective communicators of the message of understanding and acceptance, helping to dispel fears, myths and misconceptions about a person with disabilities, SKSF officials say.

“It’s incredible to see the faces of the children during performances. Their eyes just light up!” said Linda Ellegard, SKSF Executive Director.  “There have been so many memorable moments and the kids just love these puppets!”

SKSF began their puppet program in 2013. They have since modified scripts provided by PACER so they can cater performances to all audiences including preschools, elementary schools, daycare centers and youth groups.

They perform across southern Colorado, with plans to expand into Denver.

Sound like something you’re interested in being part of?

SKSF is seeking a group of creative volunteers needed to put expression into the puppets and make them come to life. A puppet orientation meeting is set for Friday, June 9 at 10 a.m. at the SKSF Administration offices located at 424 W. Pikes Peak Avenue.

If you’re interested, you must RSVP to Linda or Theresa at 719-447-8983 or email

>> Click here for more information about the Koscove Kids Puppet Program.


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