Citywide Ambulance shuts down, leaving employees unpaid and patients without care

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Employees showed up to work on Friday to get their paychecks, and were immediately told to clock out, go home, and to not return.

They were also told they aren’t getting paid.

The owner of Citywide Ambulance, 45-year-old Yaroslav Yushkevich (who goes by Steve), and his wife have blocked employees’ phone numbers, the company number, and even the FOX21 newsroom phone number after I called and texted him, to give him a chance to share his side of the story.

Steve’s attorney told Citywide employees to leave patients where they are, to shut down, and go home.

We went to Citywide to talk to some employees, and while they all wished to remain anonymous, some of them said shared the following statements:

“This is more than just a missed paycheck, it’s ruining people’s lives.”

“I feel so bad for our patients, because we’ve developed relationships with them.”

“I’ve even considered picking the patients up in my own car.”

One former employee told us he’s now missing three weeks, 200 hours, and $2,500 worth of work in a paycheck.

The owner of Dan’s Automotive Shop also reached out to us and said Citywide has a $5,000 bill from over two years ago that they will not pay, even after they sent collections.

Employees also say they got a call at the office last week, saying the owner owed over $12,000 in vehicle insurance – that means they were transporting patients for about a month without insurance on the ambulances.

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