Centennial Elementary student wins national speech award

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs fifth grader just won a national speech contest.

Natavius Lemuel was one of five students chosen to participate in The National Center for Urban School Transformation speech contest.

Centennial Elementary says Natavius was chosen because he is an exemplary student, an outstanding role model and his quality of writing and public speaking made him an ideal representative of the school.

Lemuel, who will move on to sixth grade next year, says Centennial is like a second family and he wanted everyone to know just how much the school has helped him.

“Some people might think that Centennial Elementary isn’t a good school, but from the beginning I’ve grown a lot, from Jackson to other schools I’ve gone to, Giberson, I wasn’t doing well, but as soon as I came to Centennial I fit in and I feel perfect here and they’re like a family to me,” he said.

As part of his win, Lemuel was awarded $200 for his speech.

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