“The Heat Is On” campaign cracks down on impaired driving on Memorial Day weekend

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Memorial Day weekend is the official kickoff of summer travel, and whether you are flying, driving, or cruising, AAA projects nearly 40 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home.

Across the state, 96 law enforcement agencies will be participating in “The Heat is On” campaign, which cracks down on impaired driving.

Last year during this campaign, 372 drivers were arrested for DUI, and one person was killed on Memorial Day due to an alcohol-related crash.

According to No DUI Colorado, first-time offenders can expect to spend a minimum of 170 hours dealing with the consequences, which equals to more than one month of full-time employment. It can cost more than $13,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance.

If you are drinking and you don’t know your buzz, there’s an app for that. The Colorado Department of Transportation created one called “R-U-Buzzed,” allowing users to track their blood alcohol content. It also automatically connects users to popular ride-hailing services. The app is available on both the iPhone and Android app stores.

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