Ohio man sentenced for exchanging pornographic texts with 14-year-old Colorado girl

DENVER — An Ohio man has been sentenced for exchanging pornographic texts with a 14-year-old Colorado girl, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver.

Rande Brian Isabella, 60, of Hubbard, Ohio, was sentenced Wednesday to 18 years in federal prison, followed by 20 years on supervised release. He was convicted in October of one count of coercion and enticement of a minor and one count of attempted production of child pornography.

According to court documents, Isabella communicated with the 14-year-old victim by phone and online between September and December 2013. He lied about his age and repeatedly asked for pictures of her as their conversations became increasingly sexual, according to prosecutors. Eventually, the victim sent him a naked picture of herself. He then told her he was her boyfriend, and asked her to stay with him if he came to Colorado. He sent her a photo of his genitalia, and asked her to send one in return. The girl sent more pictures, some sexual in nature, according to prosecutors.

Eventually, the girl’s mom found her phone and discovered the conversations. She called police, and Homeland Security Investigations began an investigation.

Investigators searched Isabella’s phone and two of his computers, according to court documents. They found the texts and photos of the victim that he had saved. They also learned that Isabella had Googled the victim and visited her Facebook profile, looking at her friends and photos. He also looked at three websites that showed the girl had competed in middle school track races in 2012. Prosecutors said Isabella continued to communicate with the girl after making these discoveries.

According to evidence introduced at the trial, Isabella had also communicated with three other girls and had nude photos of them as well.

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