Authorities warning La Plata County citizens of repeated phone scams

LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. — The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office is warning citizens of phone scams threatening victims to send money or else they will face arrest.

Dan Bender, public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office, said these scams have two things in common: callers want to steal your money and if you send them money, they will repeatedly call you for more until you stop paying them.

The list below contains a few of the lies used to steal money, according to the Sheriff’s Office:

  • You have a fine for missing jury duty. You must send money or you will be arrested.
  • A friend/relative of yours is in jail. You must send money to get them out of jail.
  • A friend/relative’s wallet/purse was stolen while on vacation. You need to send them money.
  • You owe the IRS money. You must send them money information over the phone or you will be arrested.
  • You have committed a crime. You must send money over the phone or you will be arrested.
  • You have committed a crime. You must give money for the victim’s psychological counseling or you will be arrested.
  • A federal warrant has already been issued for your arrest. The only way the caller can help you avoid arrest is if you give them credit card information or go to a store, buy a money card and call them back, or wait for them to call you back, to give them the money card code number over the phone.

Officials say the scammers often pretend to be from local, state or federal police or from another branch of government.

Additionally, the scammers use social media and internet searches to find details about potential victims, such as names of friends and relatives.

The Sheriff’s Office says most callers are not in the area and may not even be in the U.S., which makes finding and arresting them difficult.

Authorities say as long as victims continue to send money, phone scams will keep happening.

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