VIDEO: Sea lion snatches girl off pier and drags her into water

RICHMOND, B.C., Canada — A group of people gathered at Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf was happy to see a sea lion bobbing around the pier Saturday.

But happiness turned into panic and fright when a little girl was captured on video being snatched off the pier and dragged into the water by the sea lion.

As you can see in the video, at one moment the girl sits on the edge of the pier, and just a moment later she was pulled into the water by the sea lion.

Screams can be heard and within seconds a man jumps into the water to save the little girl.

She comes to the surface and the man pushes her up to the crowd as she is helped back onto the pier. She is last seen in the video walking away from the scene.

Michael Fujiwara, a witness, uploaded the video he took of the incident to his YouTube page, where he said “the girl was rescued by her family members and bystanders. Nobody was injured in the incident.”

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