Permit holder for 4/20 rally fined $12,000 after mayor’s review of event

Denver 4/20
The mayor has expressed unease about the annual gathering that attracts tens of thousands of people to Civic Center Park. / KDVR

DENVER, Colo. — The permit holder of the annual Denver 4/20 rally has been fined by the city of Denver about $12,000, according to KDVR. 

Additionally, the event holder is banned from being granted any event permit for three years.

This all happened as a result of a review of this year’s 4/20 event ordered by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who said the event “experienced notably safety concerns and left the park in disarray.”

About 80 to 100 bags of trash was scattered throughout Civic Center Park the day after thousands attended the pro-marijuana festival.

Santino Walter, the event producer of the 420 rally and the owner of Civic Center Park Productions, said all of the trash from the rally had been bagged for pickup the next morning but during the night, someone slashed the bags and spread the trash all over the park.

After the rally, the mayor also said the event was “under-resourced and presented numerous safety hazards.”

Click here to see the original report on KDVR. 


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