Owls take up residence inside Colorado Springs Lowe’s

Family of Owl's move into Colorado Spring's Lowe's.
Family of Owl's move into Colorado Spring's Lowe's. /FOX21 News.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — They’re unexpected visitors that are drawing crowds at one local home improvement store. They were first discovered about three months ago, and ever since, employees have watched them grow up.

“My wife accuses me of spending more time here than home,” said Ron Richer.

Richer has been looking up a little more often when he goes to the store.

“Now it’s just like, you can hardly tell the difference between mom and the kids,” said Richer.

Three little owls have made their home in the garden center of Lowe’s in University Village.

“Not many people see the horned owl. You have to be more rural to witness that,” said store manager Butch Beasley.

The store has even taken some pretty big steps to make sure the owls aren’t bothered.

“If one’s on the ground, we block it off and give it a 20 foot barrier, because curiosity seekers get a little too close,” said Beasley.

Some visitors come just for the owls, getting out their phones to capture all the excitement.

“They’re not going anywhere because the eaglets are here so mom gets a lot of pictures taken,” said Beasley.

In fact, mom stays with the babies during the day, and then dad flies in at night, giving mom a little break.

But the big question is, why Lowe’s?

“We’re close to the creek and so there’s a lot of habitat down there, so I think that’s why they’re close by,” said Beasley.

Whatever the reason, customers like Richer are just happy to see them.

“It just makes you want to–wish you could just touch them and pet them,” said Richer.

They maybe a big attraction to customers, but some Lowe’s employees are ready for this owl of a good time to come to an end.

“Our busy season is tough because you can see they’re right in that main aisle, so there’s a lot of congestion there going on when we deal with quite a few customers on the weekend,” said Beasley.

Colorado Parks and Wildfire said they expect the owls to stay at the store for a few more months until they fly away to a new home.

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