Colorado Springs stormwater drain repair and renovations underway

Little Shooks Neighborhood stormwater drain renovation / Samantha Marks - FOX21 News
Little Shooks Neighborhood stormwater drain renovation / Samantha Marks - FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Mayor John Suthers kicked off a stormwater drain repair and renovation project in the Little Shooks Run neighborhood near downtown Colorado Springs Thursday.

This is the first of 26 projects that will be completed with the $12 million granted to the city after the voters passed ballot issue 2 in April.

Suthers said this area is the most urgent because it has seen the most flooding and monetary damage to homes after a storm in August clogged the area with several inches of hail.

This specific project costs $15,000. Workers will be installing larger inlets to increase the amount of water that flows off the street and into the draining system.

Suthers said small projects like this one will cost less and will be completed within a matter of days. Others will cost up to half a million dollars and last weeks or months.

Suthers said it’s especially important to focus on this now after the city was involved in a lawsuit because they were not federally compliant with the stormwater drainage guidelines.

Two employees at a nearby business declined to comment on camera, but said they don’t believe this will fix the stormwater issue at all, although they don’t want a storm to come through to find out.

The 26 projects include new drains and pipes in order to stop water, hail, and debris from building up in the drains.

After the projects within Little Shooks neighborhood are completed, the next project will be off Arcadia Street.

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