Principal “canned” at Divine Redeemer Catholic School

Divine Redeemer School
Divine Redeemer School is sending off their principal in style with a month-long event that resulted in the collection of lots of food for the food pantry. Pictured in her office is Mrs. Marjie Weldele behind towering stacks of goodies for the food pantry. / Tricia Faber, Divine Redeemer School

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Divine Redeemer Catholic School set out on a mission of “canning” their principal – and they succeeded!

The school’s principal, Mrs. Marjie Weldele, has been at Divine Redeemer for 7 years and was a middle school teacher for 5 years before that.

But she has resigned and is leaving to pursue other interests in her life.

Before she could go, though, students decided to send her off in style!

For three weeks, students were dropping off food in her office, hence the “canning” reference.

Trader Joe’s donated paper bags for the school to send home with a “shopping list” and the “canning mission” explained on the bag.

“One day Mrs. Weldele opened up her microwave to find it stuffed with food,” said Tricia Faber, an official with Divine Redeemer School. “The girls later told me that they made sure it was not aluminum in case she started the microwave before she looked in!”

All the food will help stock the Parish Food Pantry, which serves more than 70 families twice monthly.

All photos courtesy Tricia Faber, Divine Redeemer School.

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