Pueblo high school junior creates PSA warning others of distracted driving

PUEBLO, Colo. — Distracted driving claimed the lives of nearly 4,000 people in 2015. The biggest culprit – texting and driving.

During daylight hours, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says nearly one million people are using their cell phone while driving.

Distracted driving is anything that takes the drivers attention away from driving, like talking or texting, eating and driving, or even talking to people in your car.

One local high schooler is working to prevent that from happening.

“We have to realize that there’s two different roles when someone’s driving and you can either be, distract yourself while you’re driving or you can distract someone while they’re driving,” said Lawrence Ramos.

Ramos created the 30-second public service announcement as part of a statewide contest.

He said he wants not only his peers to hear the message, but parents as well.

“I want the parents to realize that somethings can wait, some parents don’t wait, ‘you have to throw the trash out now I’m going to call him’ that can wait,” said Ramos.

McDivitt Law Firm held the contest. They say it’s all about keeping teens safe.

“We’re hoping it’s a reminder about how safe they need to be behind the wheel and making wise decisions,” said David McDivitt.

McDivitt says just one bad decision would change a life forever, but announcements like this could help save a teen’s life.

“It’s recognition from those students about the dangers that are there and how easy it is to kind of not do it and then they message that to their friends and their peers,” said McDivitt.

For Ramos, who spent 8 hours at his computer creating his message, he hopes it makes everyone stop and listen and realize that text can wait.

“Over a simple call or text message, something so simple that can be avoided,” added Ramos.

Ramos’ PSA will start airing on television Monday, May 22.


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