Residents in southwestern Colorado Springs neighborhood want traffic to slow down

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– It’s a controversy that’s dividing one Colorado springs neighborhood.

It all started with complaints about traffic. Now the city is taking steps to address the issue.

This is happening on Alsace Way and 7th Street, in the southwest part of the Springs.

“It’s kind of been here in the area for 30 years,” said Devin Dyar, who has lived near Alsace Way for the past decade.

“Lot of moms taking kids back and forth to school, dads picking kids up from sports,” said Dyar.

He says traffic has flowed smoothly with no big issues.

“Right now there’s almost no traffic that comes through this neighborhood unless you live in here,” explains Dyar.

But he says that could change.

“A couple of years ago a gentleman around the corner on the Alsace Hill started asking questions about if there was too much speed, too much volume,” said Dyar.

Last year, a group of neighbors went to the city concerned over speeding in the area. They say the area has grown with more traffic and speeding drivers causing problems for the neighborhood.

“The city’s collected data, we’ve collected traffic volumes, speed counts and from the volumes we can calculate the local traffic should be and compared to what’s out there,” said Tim Roberts, Principal Transportation Planner with the City of Colorado Springs.

After the city got multiple requests to do something about the traffic, they began several studies.

“In this instance, we had enough responses to say yes you should kind of look at this and then we went out and collected our data,” said Roberts.

The city says they have a number of different options to calm traffic in the area. They have some ideas, including stop signs and round-a-bouts.

“There’s nothing predetermined with this, we’ll go through our process that we have set up and throughout that process we’ll decide what steps, if any, will be taken,” explains Roberts.

There will be a public meeting Wednesday, May 17 at 6 p.m. at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School.

The city will take input from residents on why or why not some kind of change needs to be made.


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