Proposed mill levy override sets sights on technology funding in classrooms

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A proposed mill levy override is setting its sights on technology in classrooms, aiming to improve funding for computers, servers and replacement parts.

John McCarron, the assistant superintendent and CIO of Information Technology for District 11, says technology funding is crucial in his district for several reasons.

The most important one – 79 percent of district computers are 6 years and older.

McCarron says many of the replacement parts for the current server are not even available anymore.

“Safety and security is our number one priority in the district, so these five SRO’s will support our nine middle schools and in addition will provide support for any other events at the high school level or the elementary level, really giving up a lot more capacity and capability in our security department,” he said.

The current infrastructure replacement cycle is 15 years, but that is not limited to phone systems, storage and back ups.



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