Taking your drink to go: the legislation push in Colorado Springs

At Gasoline Alley, bartender pouring a drink -- FOX21 News, Sarah Ferguson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Some members of Colorado Springs City Council are hoping to pass new legislation making it easier for people to carry their drinks from bar to bar.

State law already allows entertainment districts, but cities like Greeley and Breckenridge, which have them, must make their own rules and regulations.

These entertainment districts would allow more freedom to businesses who may have multiple liquor licenses.

City Council is hoping to vote on this legislation sometime in the fall.

“It would allow businesses who don’t have the same liquor licenses to share a common area for people to drink,” said Richard Skorman, President of Colorado Springs City Council.

He said this would really help areas that are already self-contained.

“For example, the Ivywild School has two owners and two liquor licenses, and this would allow them to meet halfway in the hallway or to go from one restaurant to another, or one bar to another within that complex,” said Skorman.

Some people are concerned that if it’s granted for Ivywild, there is nothing stopping an entertainment district from coming to the downtown bars.

Tim O’Donnell has lived downtown for 12 years and said things will only get worse if this legislation passes.

“We have quite a problem with people throwing up in our doorways and on the sidewalks and I can only believe that’s going to happen a lot more if people are carrying beer around in the open spaces,” said O’Donnell, who is part of the Downtown Residents Coalition.

Bryan Cortez, General Manager for the Mansion nightclub downtown, said entertainment districts could save people money.

“It would definitely be an inconvenience to slam your drink before you went somewhere or throw it away,” Cortez said. “So I think it’ll help with people not drinking more than they want to at the moment, or losing a drink they already paid for.”

According to Skorman, if this legislation goes through, it would be on the business to regulate what people are drinking, meaning they would be responsible for providing their own security and setting their own restrictions.

Skorman said each entertainment district proposal would be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

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