Mock car crash shows dangers of drinking and driving

Students participate in a mock DUI crash in Fountain
Students participate in a mock DUI crash in Fountain. / FOX21 News

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — A mock car crash at Fountain-Fort Carson High School Friday showed the true consequences of drinking and driving.

Hundreds of students watched as paramedics and firefighters worked to free a woman trapped in the crash.

It was all part of the high school’s health class. They’ve spent the past week in the classroom and Friday saw firsthand the consequences of unsafe behaviors behind the wheel.

The crash showed the impact of drunken driving and the resources needed to handle the situation.

It’s the reality that happens every 15 minutes in the United States: someone loses their life because another person drank too much and decided to drive.

Friday’s crash was designed to show students in graphic detail the pain and suffering of a DUI car crash.

“We only have one life, so if you waste it you don’t get a second chance,” said Dalton Hazlett.

The crash is all part of the high school’s health class, teaching students about safe driving and dangers of risky behaviors while behind the wheel.

“I can’t always say that I know I’m not going to do that because what if I do, or what if they do and I don’t know about, and I get in a car and then something like this happens that affects everybody, each and every one of us,” said junior Kiana Jackson.

Jackson just got her license. She knows one bad decision would change her life and those around her forever.

“I don’t want to live the rest of my life with my life if I do make it out,” said Jackson.

“I couldn’t image what it would be like if I was in that situation and my mom had to be told or she came running up like, it would just be really sad and really traumatizing,” said Hazlett.

It was a grim reminder for these high school students, who are set to leave for summer break in a few weeks.

“It’s really important to understand that us teenagers aren’t invincible,” said Jackson.

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