Floodwaters wash away roads in Beulah

BEULAH, Colo. — Cleanup is underway in Beulah after heavy rains caused major flooding.

Rain began falling Wednesday afternoon and didn’t let up until Thursday morning.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Board of County Commissioners, worked through the day on recovery and mitigation in the Beulah area.

Several roads remained closed as of Thursday night:

  • Northcreek Road from Central Avenue to the Pueblo/Custer county line
  • 3R Road at Crow Cutoff
  • Red Creek West at the low water crossing
  • Red Creek West, one mile east of Siloam Road
  • Squirrel Creek Road
  • Geronimo Drive at Pine Drive
  • Lower entrance to Pueblo Mountain Park Road at Pine Drive

Receding water and dryer conditions Thursday allowed crews to make considerable progress in Beulah after flood waters washed out roads, damaged culverts and inundated drainage ditches.

“My rain gauge said three inches yesterday,” said Faye Purvis.

The creek behind Purvis’s house is flowing at a rate she hasn’t seen in decades.

“We haven’t seen it like this in 20 years,” said Purvis.

Ever since last summer, after the Junkins Fire burned more than 18,000 acres, officials warned flooding was a possibility.

“We have a disaster here,” said Geno Mattino.

Mattino was forced to watch the flooding creek from his car.

“You can’t even start to do anything because it’s so muddy and too much water,” said Mattino.

Mattino’s driveway, his only way to and from his mountainside home, was washed away in the flood.

“All of a sudden it started, these big logs started coming and it was going over my bridge,” said Mattino.

Luckily, Mattino was able to get a car out before the road floated away. His wife, though, was still stranded at home.

“I’m on this side and she’s on that side, but she’s doing better than I am. At least she’s at home,” said Mattino.

The San Isabel Electric Association said about 100 customers remained without power Thursday night.

They said crews are having a difficult time making repairs because of the flooding and muddy conditions. Crews worked late into the night to get a number of those customers back on.

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