More details released on return of Colorado Classic to Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Cyclists rejoice!

The Colorado Classic – one of the state’s biggest bicycle races – is riding through Colorado Springs this summer.

Professional road cyclists will race through Colorado Springs, Breckenridge and Denver.

The first stage will start in the Springs on August 10, but several events will surround the race itself – including a 16-mile recon ride through Garden of the Gods, a reception for the team and riders, and a family-friendly festival and road race the day of the big event.

Race organizers are hoping more extra activities will help this event last for many more years to come.

Colorado’s own world-class cyclist, Danny Summerhill, can’t wait to race in his own backyard.

“Having the opportunity to race it again, is a dream,” he said. “A big race like this in my own backyard is an opportunity you don’t get everyday, you know.”

Race officials say there will be 96 male competitors and 72 female competitors.

Half a million people are expected to attend the festivities.

There will be four stages in the race, with two in Denver on August 12 and August 13.

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