SEE IT: Photos show couple’s 3-week trek up Mount Everest for their “I do’s”

Mount Everest Wedding
A California couple trekked up Mount Everest for their wedding, and the photos are out of this world. / Charleton Churchill

From traditional church weddings to beachfront ceremonies, couples looking to tie the knot have a multitude of options when it comes to picking a venue for the big event.

One couple from California decided to forego the traditional or tropical themes and pick a monumental location – the highest mountain on Earth.

Ashley and James – the bride and groom – trained for the year along with photographer Charleton Churchill before they made the trek in March.

Churchill, who specializes in adventure wedding photography, said he had originally planned to do this with another couple in 2015. But while they were on the mountain, the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake struck and the wedding was stopped.

Churchill said Ashley, who was following him on Instagram, reached out to him asking for help choosing a destination for an adventure wedding. He mentioned Mount Everest base camp and that’s where it all began.

“We were like family. Ashley is tough girl who crushed it on the mountain trail and maintained a great pace. James is a great man who took care of Ashley, always looking after her needs. Plus he’s a comedian who made us laugh often. It can be difficult after a few days on a long mountain trek with all the pressure and lack of resources to maintain a smile, but we did well,” Churchill said.

They endured extremely frigid temperatures – between -8 degrees to 10 degrees Fahrenheit – among a host of other difficulties during the journey.

“Now saying this was an epic and amazing trip is true, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share it came with some suffering, doubt, fear, anxiety, and physical pain,” Churchill said. “Often times when striving for something great, there’s usually a cost. There’s no glory without suffering. We worked hard for these images…”

The photos speak for themselves.

“It’s one of the most epic and beautiful locations in the world that’s difficult to get to, and nobody’s done it before. So we are thrilled to have finally pulled it off,” said Churchill.

To read more about the wedding and see all the stunning photos, visit Churchill’s blog or follow him on Instagram.


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