Pueblo students learn importance of water and water conservation

PUEBLO, Colo. — Hundreds of Pueblo County students got hands on experience Tuesday and learned more about water and its many uses during the 19th annual Water Festival.

They spend the year learning about a number of different water issues and it all concluded with those students getting a little wet.

“I’m just learning about the water cycle and how water works,” said Alera Johnson, a fifth grader at Sierra Vista.

“I never realized how much it was involved until when I came here like when we actually started learning about it,” said fifth grader Ellie Daugherty.

More than 1,800 students from Pueblo City School, District 70, and several private schools took over CSU-Pueblo, learning about just how important water is.

“It helps plants grow and it sometimes will fuel different things,” said Xavier Wall.

Throughout the year, these students are taught the importance of water in their everyday life – from water conservation, to the water cycle, to how water effects rivers and streams.

“They’ve gotten all the background information and so this really adds the music and the sparkle and a lot more life and some hands on work for the kids and it really compliments what they’re getting in the classroom,” said Paul Fanning, Board of Water Works of Pueblo.

“We’re a dry state and that’s something I’ve been kind of focusing on in the shows,” said Cosmic Kerry.

One of the most popular lessons is from Cosmic Kerry, the mad scientist – whose real name is Kerry Vasboe-Peach – in a show called “Fire and Ice: What Do You Know About H20.”

“I’ll go through the fire stuff and I’ll ask them, we’re at a water festival, they are we talking to you about fire and a lot of them will come up with really good stuff, we use water to fight fire, we use fire to sometimes, we can use fire to create water in chemical reaction,” said Cosmic Kerry.

From learning how irrigation works, to the cost of water, these students are walking away more water aware.

“I was expecting it to be a lot different, I thought it wasn’t going to be as much fun as it is,” added Xavier.


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