Air Force pilot killed in Vietnam War honored, remembered at memorial service

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — He was listed as “Killed in Action,” but years later a recovery team found a single dog tag belonging to Captain Roger Helwig.

On Tuesday he was honored and remembered for his service.

Helwig and his fellow F-4D Phantom aircrew member, Capt Roger H. Stearns, were shot down over Laos on Sept. 11, 1969, 10 miles from the Vietnamese border over what was then known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The single dog tag found was returned to his widow last year.

“When I held that in the palm of my hand, it was one of the most surreal experiences that I’ve ever had,” said Carol Wheeler-Helwig, widow of Captain Roger Helwig. “All the memories just flooded and it was as if that I was reliving the past.”

The service was held at the Academy’s Memorial Pavilion.

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