VIDEO: Escaped zebra zips through backyard, hits truck, gallops across open field

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Zebra on the loose!

Mark Ross, a homeowner in the area, says he didn’t believe it at first, but it in fact was a zebra running amok in his backyard.

He captured it all on video.

Ross says he tried to see if the animal would stop so he could call someone to get it, but the zebra actually charged at him.

“Once I realized that this horse has lots of stripes I first had to check myself make sure I wasn’t hallucinating or something like this and I’m like there is a zebra in my backyard,” said Ross. “He went right past me, I jumped out of the way and he started doing circles around the neighborhood.”

Neighbors tried blocking the zebra in with cars, but she made her way to the main road where she ran into a pickup truck.

The impact shattered the truck’s mirror, sending the driver to the hospital with minor injuries.

But the zebra kept going.

A Sheriff’s Office helicopter tracked her galloping through a field before deputies and the zebra’s owners finally captured the adult female.

The zebra belongs to a local woman and is back in her pen. She was not inured.

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