Caffeinated bagels created by Einstein Bros. causing a buzz in Colorado Springs

Caffeinated Bagel
Einstein Bros. has created what's believed to be the world's first caffeinated bagel. / Einstein Bros.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — What happens when you combine your morning coffee and bagel?

Feast your eyes on what’s believed to be the world’s first caffeinated bagel.

The Espresso Buzz Bagel hit stores May 4 and joins the new Boosted Bagels line at Einstein Bros.

According to the bagel chain, the caffeinated bagel features 32 milligrams of caffeine plus 13 grams of protein.

In comparison, a shot of espresso has about 63 milligrams of caffeine, while a regular cup of coffee has between 95 and 128 milligrams, according to Consumer Reports.

Sarah Vinson, general manager at Einstein Bros. off Powers and Constitution in the Springs, says the caffeinated breakfast delight has been a hit with customers since it arrived in stores last Thursday.

Vinson says you can’t taste the caffeine, but described the customer favorite as having a “coffee, chocolatey, nutty, savory delicious flavor.”

She says the bagel’s so popular they try to keep it on hand, but there are times it does sell out.

“At the time it’s a limited edition bagel, but they’re thinking of making it a permanent item,” Vinson said.

If the Espresso Buzz Bagel doesn’t sound right for you, try adding bacon and eggs to that to really kickstart your day.


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