D11’s comprehensive student support model to accompany mill levy override on ballot

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — School District 11 is taking action to provide more emotional and behavioral support to students.

The district calls it a comprehensive student support model, and it would be part of the mill levy override on the November ballot.

If approved by voters, this model will create a network of professionals to identify and provide services to meet students’ social-emotional, academic and health needs.

It will also increase access to school-based nurses, counselors and psychologists and provide education to students, families and staff on wellness practices.

FOX21 News sat down with Dan Hoff, the District 11 Executive Director of Alternative and Non-Trade Schools.

He says elementary schools are especially suffering a major shortage of school counselors and tell us this mill levy is coming at a critical time for students, families and the community.

“As we have seen across our country, there is an increasing need for mental and behavorial support of our students. District 11 has made it a priority to address those needs. And what we have found in our work over the past five years is that we are in a trauma situation on our secondary side, and this MLO would help work on the preventative side so that we are not in crisis on our secondary side,” said Hoff.

The mill levy will show up on the November ballot.




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