New after-school program helping children of military families

Recent program added to Boys and Girls Club in Colorado Springs -- FOX21 News, Colin Mihalich

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Raytheon is ensuring that military children have access to STEM programming. That’s why they’ve started a multi-million dollar partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America, bringing the “Center of Innovation” to Colorado Springs at the E.A. Tutt Boys and Girls Club on South Chelton Road.

“Raytheon thinks it’s important that we give back to the kids and make sure they have an opportunity to have a STEM engagement and not lose out because they’re moving so much,” said Todd Probert, Vice President of Mission Support and Modernization at Raytheon.

That’s why the company is opening more of these centers in military communities.

Probert said kids will get to work with things like 3D printing and robots, exposing them to STEM at a young age, potentially sparking their interests in quickly growing fields.

“We really rely on that fresh talent, that infusion of youth coming into these disciplines to help us remain competitive and tackle tomorrow’s problems,” said Lt. Col. Greg McCulley.

According to McCulley, the Department of Defense is the leading employer of scientists and engineers.

“We capture their interests early and spark and kindle, nurture the interest in problem solving, solving problems with cutting edge technology and tools and capabilities,” McCulley said. “That’s going to directly translate in their ability to be leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to help solve those problems tomorrow.”

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