Two juvenile suspects arrested in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two juvenile suspects surrendered to authorities Friday after officers had set up containment of two homes in the 3500 block of Bridgewood Lane near Chelton Road.

In April, detectives from the Colorado Springs Police Department Violent Crime Section began an investigation into an attempted murder.

Police say the investigation stemmed from an incident where a victim interrupted several suspects breaking into his/her car. When the victim followed the suspects as they fled the area in a stolen car, one of the suspects repeatedly shot at the victim, according to police. The victim was not injured.

Through the course of their investigation, detectives identified several juvenile suspects believed to be involved in this and other criminal incidents, according to police.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for a home in the 3500 block of Bridgewood Lane and on Friday conducted surveillance on one of the suspects believed to be there.

Within minutes of establishing containment, police say the home nearby was actually identified as potentially linked to the suspects. Police then expanded the containment to both homes.

Verbal commands were given to the home with the search warrant while officers tried to identify which home the suspect was inside.

A short time later, police say the suspect came out of the front door of the home that did not have a search warrant. Police say the suspect immediately turned around and ran back inside.

Police say the suspect eventually surrendered, and an additional suspect from inside the home also surrendered.

Police say right now two juvenile suspects are in custody but did not release any further information on specific charges.

According to police, the search warrant for the original home was never served or executed and was found to have no involvement with the suspects or any criminal activity.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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