Tree Campus Committee at Colorado College plants trees for Arbor Day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Friday, April 28 marked the 145th anniversary of Arbor Day in the United States.

It’s a day traditionally recognized by planting trees.

The students and staff at Colorado College embraced the day with events of their own.

With shovels in hand, members of the Tree Campus Committee were out in full force Friday, planting trees and plants in the areas on campus that suffered damage during the January windstorm.

They say they hope to create a balance in the ecosystem, while being stewards of the future.

“We believe that if we keep putting in plants that were damaged before, that can provide shelter for plants and animals and maintain good root systems to hold in water, it will help keep balance of ecosystems in a good place,” said Annabelle O’Neill, a sophomore with the Tree Campus Committee.

The Committee planted about half a dozen mid-size trees and quite a few smaller plants.

Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska.

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