Crews working to restore power in Pueblo after snowstorm

PUEBLO, Colo. — Cleanup crews in Pueblo continue working to restore power after Saturday’s storm.

The storm knocked out power and scattered tree limbs all across town.

“Within a block there’s two or three houses that are just you know, everything is down on them,” said Larry Brunn, who works with tree cleanup.

Brunn said he suspects the trees broke so easily because of recent windstorms.

It’s something Tanya Lesperance, who lives in Pueblo County, can attest to after her father’s trailer was nearly smashed by a giant tree.

“Barely missed his trailer, like by this much, it would have like crushed his whole trailer if it would have hit it,” said Lesperance.

According to Black Hills Energy, more than 9,200 customers were affected by outages in the area Saturday morning.

That number has significantly decreased, thanks to the hardworking crews trying to restore power.

As of Sunday night, 257 customers were without power. As of 7 a.m. Monday, the number had been reduced to 177.

Black Hills Energy has mapped out the areas being affected.

The company says additional workers have been hired or used from other areas to make sure the cleanup process goes smoothly and quickly.

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