Wolf, rescued from illegal wildlife trade, heads to Divide to join pack

Timber wolf, added to Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center -- FOX21 News, Sarah Ferguson

DIVIDE, Colo. – The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is adding to its wolf pack. A timber wolf named Amarock is now warming up to his new home.

Amarock spent his first full day at the center Thursday. He was brought to Colorado from a Colombian zoo, and before that was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

He’ll now play an important part in education at the center.

“The illegal wildlife trade is the second-most responsible cause for our endangered species today, and a lot of our animal extinction. We’ve lost about 52 percent of our animals,” said Stacey Rampp, volunteer at the center.

Because of his past, Amarock will be used as an educational animal.

“He is going to be a great ambassador for his species, so we can continue to educate people about wolves, and not only that but also the illegal wildlife trade and bring awareness to that,” said Rampp.

Work without play wouldn’t be fair. That’s why there are several plans for Amarock’s future, including a potential girlfriend.

“We have a lone female here and we’re hoping that she’ll have a liking to him and they can be paired up as good friends,” said Darlene Kobobel, founder and president of the center.

Visitors are welcome to go and see Amarock any time. He’ll remain in his enclosure for about a month before being paired up with another wolf.

Click here for more information on tours, times and prices at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

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