What’s Going Around: Strep throat, flu, sinus infections and more

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Chances are, either you or someone you know got sick this past week.

We have seen a significant jump in everything from strep throat to the flu.

Here’s what clinics across Colorado Springs, Fountain and Pueblo are seeing, according to Qwikcare MD Urgent Care and Colorado Springs Health Partners.

Sore throats and spring colds are the heavy hitters.

At Qwikcare MD Urgent Care alone, nearly 200 people came in with a sore throat, and 71 of them were diagnosed with strep.

Also, many of those spring colds are turning into sinus infections – 72 of those were reported.

On top of that, more cases of the flu are going around.

We saw a little dip last week, but now it’s back up and spreading.

This week we’re also seeing double the cases of bronchitis and pneumonia.

So if you’ve been sick and just aren’t feeling better, head to the doctor before it gets worse.

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