Pueblo County Health Dept. partners with youth organization 4-H for drug awareness

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — Heroin and drug abuse is escalating throughout the nation and especially in communities like Pueblo.

That’s why the Pueblo County Health Department is partnering with youth organizations like 4-H to prevent drug use from even starting.

But it doesn’t end there – opioids are accessible too and can lead to abuse.

They held an event Wednesday to discuss recognizing potential drug abuse situations and ways to prevent it – beginning with open lines of communication.

“Having the conversation. Starting it really, truly important with youth, there are lots of resources out there could be awkward but don’t let it stop you,”  said Shylo Dennison, Pueblo County / City Health Planner.

“I would say in a rural area, all substances are there. No conversation is worth having,” said Megan Blaser of Larimer County 4-H.

If you’re looking for help having that conversation with someone young you know, the Health Department and 4H suggests contacting them or researching local agencies.

>> Click here to learn more about 4-H.

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