“Girls On Fire” club at Harrison HS reminds students someone cares

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A group of Harrison High School girls wants their classmates to know someone cares – it’s all part of the school’s “Girls On Fire” club.

Their focus Wednesday was suicide.

Since the beginning of August, 14 school-aged kids have committed suicide in El Paso County – 11 of those in 2017 alone.

The “Girls On Fire” club, which stands for “Fearlessly Inspiring Results Through Empowerment,” wanted to bring awareness to their campus.

The Women’s Resource Agency spent the day at school talking with the girls about how they can help other students.

“Kids not necessarily know how to deal with it, and a lot of times they think ‘If I go to somebody and talk to them and I am going to get in trouble, am I going to get arrested, is it going to be a big deal, is someone going to post out on social media, hey this person’s suicidal,'” said Kristianna Anderson with the Women’s Resource Agency.

Anderson says the most important thing is to listen and take them seriously.

She says it’s not just a cry for help, but they need someone to talk to.

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