Donors present new building kit to Boys and Girls Club

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The children of local servicemembers at the Boys and Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region got a big surprise Sunday. Thanks to the CarMax Foundation, the kids got a brand new Rigamajig building kit.

The donation is in honor of Military Child Month. It can be emotional for a child when their parent is deployed, so playtime is crucial for them to relieve stress, stay active, and get back to normalcy.

“There are a bunch of different pieces that the kids can use their imaginations to assemble anything that comes to mind,” CarMax line production manager Donald Moore said. “They get a chance to work in groups, so it teaches teamwork, it teaches helping others, and gives them a chance to use their creativity, because there’s no set pattern. There’s no set rules for what it is they’re going to build out of these Rigamajigs that we’re giving them today.”

The CarMax foundation is building four playgrounds and providing 30 grants for playgrounds and Rigamajigs to organizations across the country.

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