Students help create new outdoor classroom at Falcon High School

PEYTON, Colo. — It’s a unique classroom that brings student outdoors.

Students at Falcon High School helped create a new outdoor learning lab that will be used this fall.

On a wet and muddy Friday morning, students got down and dirty.

“We’re landscaping for the Landscaping class that’s going to start next year,” explains Morgan Woods.

Next fall, the new Landscape Design Installation and Irrigation program, which is the first of its kind in southern Colorado, is set begin.

Woods is one of 10 student enrolled in the class.

“You’re actually digging holes, you’re out in the dirty, you’re doing something,” said Woods.

They’ll learn everything from how to install edging, the different kinds of plants, and how to put in a sprinkling system.

But before the class can begin, the classroom needs to be created.

“We will actually have two different spots of learning,” said Dave Kranz, the teacher for the new class.

The school partnered with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado’s Landscape Career Pathway Program to install the outdoor classroom.

Twenty-five landscapers from local companies came to help put it all together.

“To understand the industry the first thing that you really need to do is actually go out and do the work,” said Jon Rick of J. Rick Lawn and Tree.

Kranz says he understands college isn’t for everyone and wants to have a program to help those students once they graduate high school.

“I want these kids to know that you don’t need to do that you can still go and get a great job working with some great people,” explained Kranz.

For students like Woods, hobby or not, it’s still fun.

“I do a lot of landscaping at home so this is just really fun for me to do and relaxing,” added Woods.

All of the material used to create the classroom was donated by the various landscaping companies that helped create the lab.


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