Widefield School District 3 donates laptops to senior center

Students help seniors at the Fountain Valley Senior Center use new computers
Students help seniors at the Fountain Valley Senior Center use new computers./ Wes Moskolski- FOX21 nEWS

SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo. — Eighteen years ago, Rachel Joy Scott was killed at Columbine High School. But from the tragedy came a chain reaction of kindness and compassion through Rachel’s Challenge.

That challenge came to Widefield High School more than five years ago and inspired the district to create something positive of its own. The Positive Action Team was formed.

Since then, they’ve raised thousands of dollars for their community. The Fountain Valley Senior Center was the center of this year’s generosity.

Chance Rice and Dixie Wodell struck up quite the conversation at the center Thursday morning.

“She’s showing me a lot of things,” Rice said. “She’d actually had a really interesting life. I’m kind of jealous if I’m going to be honest.”

Chance is part of the Positive Action Team at Widefield High School. He and nine other PAT members spent Thursday at the Fountain Valley Senior Center.

“Hopefully make them feel a little more comfortable about utilizing technology,” said Widefield High School Assistant Principal Shane Skalla.

Over the past six months, the district has been raising money, all to buy the center new computers.

“Definitely a way to give back, and that’s what the PAT team is all about, is how can, as a school district our community does a lot for us, and I think community and school go hand in hand,” said Skalla.

After raising $4,400, they bought 12 computers for $3,000 and donated the remaining $1,400 to the center.

“I learn a lot of my computer skills from my daughter, but it’s great to have inter-generational action here at the Fountain Valley Senior Center,” said Dennis Crosser, executive director of the center.

The PAT program was created about five years ago as a way to promote kindness and compassion, not just for students, but also to show the community they care.

“We want the best for everybody, everyone that’s involved in our community,” said Skalla.

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