What’s Going Around: Allergies kicking in, influenza slowing down

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FOX21 News at 5 has started a new series, hoping to inform the community about what illnesses and bugs are making their way through homes and schools.

In the second edition of “What’s Going Around Wednesday,” we’re talking about allergies.

It’s that time of year – allergy season is in full swing and that pollen is packing a punch.

According to Qwikcare MD Urgent Care and Colorado Springs Health Partners, clinics across the Springs, Fountain and Pueblo are seeing lots of patients with nasal and eye symptoms related to allergies.

Qwikcare MD Urgent Care alone had 62 cases.

Strep throat is also going around.

Last week, we saw several cases of that along with the flu.

Good news is that influenza is slowing down from at least 51 confirmed cases to just over a dozen.

However, the Colorado Springs Health Partners Briargate Department is now seeing a lot of stomach bugs.

As the weather gets warmer, people are becoming more active outside and that’s leading to a lot of sprains and lacerations.

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