Pine Creek HS student continues annual reforestation effort on Black Forest burn scar

BLACK FOREST, Colo. — What started as an Eagle Scout project two years ago has turned into a major reforestation effort on the Black Forest burn scar.

Connor Brennan, a student at Pine Creek High School, has been getting people together to plant ponderosa pine saplings in Black Forest Regional Park.

Brennan says during the first year, they planted nearly 300 new trees in hopes that the charred land will one day be green with vegetation again.

It’s something he says has been close to his heart since he saw several Pine Creek classmates lose their homes in the fire.

“There was a lot lost during the fires, four years ago and I think places like this are very important, where people can just go out and get away from it all and appreciate the world around us and losing that really was devastating so being able to work towards bringing it back is a very important cause for me,” Brennan said.

He says it will be 5 to 10 years before the ponderosa pine saplings even start to look like trees, and he’s excited to one day see the difference his work is making.

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