EPCSO believes there may be up to four suspects involved in Monument crime spree

MONUMENT, Colo. — In Monument, a teen is facing multiple charges after an overnight crime spree. Now the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a stolen car and possibly more suspects.

It started in the Gleneagle area of Colorado Springs. Deputies got a call about a burglary on Avocet Loop, then another one on Tierra Drive saying people were breaking into their cars.

Jaqueline Kirby, Media Relations Manager for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said, “Cars were left unsecured, other cars were broken into and they also actually entered residences while the individuals were sleeping or the homeowners were sleeping so that is very, very concerning.”

The burglars took garage door openers and 5 sets of car keys.

On Woodmoor Acres Drive is where police say two cars were stolen – a blue Chevy Traverse and a black Jeep Compass.

It was originally reported that four cars were stolen but it ended up being just those two from the same address.

Deputies then found the two stolen cars near Northgate Boulevard and Struthers. When they tried to pull them over, the Chevy and Jeep crashed into each other.

After the crash, the Jeep went southbound on I-25, leading deputies on a chase. It was never found.

Meantime the Traverse headed toward the Air Force Academy. Tire marks are still on the Santa Fe Trail where the SUV took a detour then crashed. The suspect got out and took off.

“We did deploy the Sheriff’s Office canine as well as the Air Force canine and that yielded negative results. We did not find that suspect,” said Kirby.

The Sheriff’s Office says a teen boy was arrested, although it’s still unclear how and where they found him.

Kirby said, “It is my understanding that the other suspect may have been driving the black Jeep because he was arrested at a separate location that was significantly further than where the crash on the Santa Fe Trail took place.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, they believe there may be up to four suspects involved in this, saying they’ve seen similar crimes all throughout the county in multiple jurisdictions over the past few weeks.

Investigators are looking into whether any of these incidents are related; meanwhile they’re asking people to be on high alert. If you see or hear anything odd don’t hesitate to call them but also, be responsible with your belongings.

“People need to take into their own hands the protection of their property, to include their vehicles and their homes. Make sure you lock your vehicles. Do not leave your garage door openers in your vehicle. Lock the door from the garage to the home to prevent these things from happening.”

Police and deputies are still looking for the stolen car. It’s a 2016 black Jeep Compass bearing Colorado license plate WOQ409. If you see this vehicle, call the Sheriff’s Office at 719-390-5555.

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