Wounded Warriors group exercise class, teaching healthy habits and creating friendships

Wounded Warrior Project offers class with Life Time Fitness -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Life Time Fitness and the Wounded Warrior Project teamed up to host a physical health and wellness class.

While the class is relatively new, the groups say it’s extremely important for warriors because it can help with both mental and physical health recoveries.

“Our results have been very positive, people are making really big life changes,” said Dani Larson, a Physical Health and Wellness Specialist for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Larson says the group class setting allows warriors to connect better with each other.

“They really get to meet their other brothers and sisters and feel like they have a community of support around them and they’re not just doing this on their own,” said Larson.

Justin Martinez, who is retired from the Military after serving for 20 years, says the camaraderie the class brings is helpful.

“Especially when you get out too because you don’t have the camaraderie as much as you do you know sometimes when you get out, because you’re disconnected from the military,” said Martinez.

Martinez says classes like this can teach veterans healthy habits, which Larson says is really important because according to a recent survey by the Wounded Warrior Project, over 80 percent of warriors are obese or overweight.

“We’re really trying to teach proper nutrition and fitness so that we can start bringing that number back down,” said Larson.

Not only does this class help Wounded Warriors feel better physically, according to another survey, nearly 30 percent of veterans dealing with mental health issues say physical activity helps.

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