President Donald Trump rally brings a hundred people to downtown Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The El Paso County Republican Party held a rally for President Donald Trump Saturday afternoon.

Nearly a hundred people were downtown at Acacia Park whether they were for or against President Trump.

“My President, our President has not stopped trying to make America great again,” said Maria Weese, a Trump supporter.

Weese was born in Cuba and says this country has given her the American dream.

“I was able to work hard to accomplish that dream and I know that President Trump would enable the young people of this country to accomplish their dream,” said Weese.

Police officers also stood guard making sure everything remained peaceful.

“Police did have to tell masked protesters to march around the sidewalks, saying they were allowed to do that, because it is public property. A lot of those [people] are wearing those masks, because they have jobs and being here in Colorado Springs which is very, very conservative, they’re afraid of losing their jobs, some of them and I know very much how that is,” said Betty Field, a peaceful protester.

“But, when they come in with their faces covered intimidating and looking like that its just not fair, that’s not the way we do things in America and not the way they should be protesting this great election of President Trump,” said DeDe Laugesen, another Trump supporter.

Laugesen says President Trump is the leader America needs.

“I am the mother of 7 boys and I am very happy that he put the mother of all bombs on the radical jihadists, I truly am,” said Laugesen.

“He is very much a hypocrite and I don’t think that is even an arguable point with the way he has flip-flopped on so many of his positions,” said Field.

She added no matter what your view is at the rallies, there will always be a common ground.

“You will see American flags, we need to remember that we are all Americans,” said Field.

“God bless America, they have the constitutional right to protest as much as we are here today to celebrate,” said Weese.

As for how the rally turned out, police said it remained peaceful. Masked protesters complied when they were asked to move to the sidewalk and they added they were pleased with how much everyone cooperated.

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