Black Forest man donates hair after 8 years of no haircut

BLACK FOREST, Colo. — A Black Forest man is hoping his new look will go over well with the community.

“My hair has not seen scissors since 2009,” said Brian Descar, the owner of Descar Roadside Bar and Grill.

That’s the reason why the Black Forest community came together to see Descar say goodbye to his hair but it didn’t come without a price.

“The agreement was that if we came up with $2,500 I would shave my head bald,” said Descar. “Keep it bald for one month so that everybody got a chance to see it and then starting growing it back out at that time.”

Not only does the money benefit the Black Forest Scholarship Fund, but the hair is being donated to Wigs for Kids.

“Wigs for Kids does take hair that has a little bit of graying in it and I have a little,” Descar said. “Just one or two little gray hairs in there I believe.”

Descar donated his hair once previously but says this time is a little different.

“It’s quite different,” he said. “The last time I didn’t go bald. This time I actually took it all off and I think we’ve got a little more here this time so I’m thinking we got probably almost two feet of hair.”

Other than perhaps a little sunburn moving forward, Descar says it’s all worth it and that the Black Forest community are the ones behind the generous donation.

“It’s all put up by the people,” he said. “I’m just the middle guy. The only thing I lost was a little hair out of the deal. They’re the one’s that gave everything out of pocket.”

Descar adds that he hopes his wife will like the new look since she’s never seen him without his long hair.



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