Police to continue search for Schelling Friday

Kelsie Schelling, missing since February 2013 / FOX21 News file photo

PUEBLO, Colo. — Investigators will resume the search for Kelsie Schelling Friday morning after searching the former home of Donthe Lucas’ grandmother for eight hours on Thursday.

Investigators didn’t say what they were looking for specifically, only that a tip lead them to the backyard.

Pueblo police, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the Pueblo Parks and Recreation department spent the entire day digging up the yard, sifting for clues.

Schelling went missing February 4, 2013 after driving from Denver to Pueblo, where she was supposed to meet Lucas, her ex-boyfriend.

“You just want to take your own kids and hug them tight and say, ‘you know what, I love you, and just always be safe,'” said Julie Trujillo, a neighbor.

FOX21 News went to a home four miles away where Lucas is currently staying. He said he had no comment, and his mother asked for privacy.

Schelling’s mother and those who have helped search for Schelling stayed close to the scene Thursday waiting for answers.

“I do hope they find something to give the family closure, to see if that is her that they’re looking for back there, that they can finally put her to rest,” said Trujillo.

More than 20 people spent eight hours digging up the backyard, and the search will continue until every inch is searched.

“We’ve got to be meticulous about it,” said Sgt. Eric Gonzales. “You’re going through dirt and you gotta sift every inch of dirt that comes out of the ground. That’s what’s taking forever.”

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